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Reboots PC and Networking offers clients a rare personal touch when dealing with their Information Technology needs. Reboots has over 18 years of experience in handling everything from basic cabling needs  to complex network related issues. We offer various support agreements custom tailored to your business situation.

 Prepaid block time agreements offer many clients the needed technical support without the added expense of hiring a full time IT professional. These agreements are geared to provide clients with a timely response to their critical computer related issues. The hourly rate is negotiated depending on the type of support needed and the number of hours requested.

 Through business alliances we offer a host of Internet Service Providers to choose from depending on your business needs. Whether you need 5 email addresses or 500, we have the answer for you. Web hosting packages are also available to fit your situation.

 As a Hewlett Packard Business Development Partner, we specialize in custom tailoring your networking needs. Whether you need hardware or consulting services we are the answer. From network integration to wireless networking to anti-virus solutions, we can solve your issues quickly and efficiently.

One frequently overlooked item is data security. When is the last time your business had a confirmed backup of your data. Changing a tape once a week doesn’t necessarily mean your critical data is safe. Whether you want to backup your data in house or via the internet, let Reboots PC and Networking come up with the proper disaster recovery plan for you.
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For all your business and personal computing needs let Reboots PC and Networking find the answer for you.

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